007 in the house!

James Bond 007 Silver Art Bar 1oz of fine silver

Email; frostie3@ptd.net

P.O. Box 872
Marshall’s Creek, PA. 18335

22 Comments on “007 in the house!”

  1. 💪 nice bar, Sean connery no question. Jaws my fav bad guy. Gold finger my fav of the movies.

  2. Bar, Silver Bar. Love it. Sean was the best. But I like the movies when Pierce Bros an was bond the best.

  3. I picked up one of these. They are pretty cool. The Royal Mint sure does pretty bars which is ironic as the UK capital gains tax laws suck for bars.

    “But James…I need you”.

    “So does England”.

  4. Big like 16 my friend and thank you for your amazing video! That 007 bar looks super cool!

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