$15,000 error coin in your change! Error coins worth money!

We talk about an amazing error coin sold for over $15,000, that was found in someone change. We are also explaining terminology and why this error coin sold for so much.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “$15,000 error coin in your change! Error coins worth money!”

  1. Wish i could find a $15,000 coin in my change all i ever found was a floating leg buffalo and some older pre 1964 silver

  2. I have found quite a few error coins but have yet to submit any of them for grading, far too expensive for me but I’ll eventually take the leap. Not sure if I found an 11 cent error but I have a 1961-d penny that looks like it has been truck in collar for a dime because the inner part of the penny has a raised ring on the inside that is the same diameter as a dime and has the inside edge of those rings readed? I’m also nervous about sending my coin off for attribution as I don’t want it getting lost in the mail.

  3. Ive Found Mutiple Error Coins over the years that I Started really paying Attention to my Change and Coin Hunting! But ive Never Found anything like the One in this Video!

  4. Very cool thank you video JB. Yes I have a few different ones presidential dollar missing reverse clad layer, Sacajawea rotated dies & a few others.

  5. Hey guys good to talk to you again another great video to answer your question yes I find errors in my pocket change all the time it’s kind of my bread and butter

  6. I have a wheat penny thats blank on one side that was never struck the wheat side is completely fine. How do I find out what its worth. Nice job with all the videos by the way.

  7. I have found a lot of error coins but I’ve never found a double denomination coin this one looks amazing thanks for bringing it to us

  8. I found a Kennedy half dollar that half of the silver on the front side was missing should I have kept it I in front of it

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