$16,000 Quarter!

We talk about super rare and only one known quarter error.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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17 Comments on “$16,000 Quarter!”

    1. Buy the book strike it rich with pocket change by ken Potter and Dr Brian Allen along with the latest 2024 red book to better understand what your looking for and definitely pick up a scale and jewelers loop to be able to see the minute details found on coins. Also go for customer wrapped rolls from banks located near retirement communities as they almost always have lots of nice coins they’ve been holding onto and then change for cash when times get rough. Found some of my best errors so far by doing this and of course you have to search in high volumes too! Good luck 🤞🪙

  1. Very interesting to hear, didn’t know mint employees or suppliers could get crafty like that..kinda want a job at the mint now 😅

  2. I could see the words This Is My Lucky Day on the coin when i first played the video..Amazing to see..Thank you for sharing it..

  3. See, it’s this kind of thing that makes me think that people who work at the mint do this stuff on purpose to give collectors a thrill. I think it’s pretty darn cool personally

  4. Imagine that! This definitely has to be one of a kind! Like J always says “CHECK YOUR CHANGE”!!!

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