$1,700 World Coin Grab Bag Reverse Unboxing – Are My Foreign Mini-Collections Fair Or Not?

Just finished up making these world coin grab bags at the time of posting – I do so much searching of world coins, so it was nice to finally have a chance to sell off a lot of that inventory and free it up to pursue other focuses within coins. I have switched to a main world coin grab bag format… 5 pounds of world coins with about $100 in Buy It Now eBay-sales priced individual listings. Here are almost all of the bags I've made up… by the time this video releases, though, all of them should have sold, and WestCoastVarieties is probably killing it making some sweet bags now that I've gone back to college.


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10 Comments on “$1,700 World Coin Grab Bag Reverse Unboxing – Are My Foreign Mini-Collections Fair Or Not?”

  1. Good coins, but I think the price is a tad high, on the foreign Silver in particular. If people were to try to sell that stuff, they’d most likely get less than melt, and the dealers would sell it at melt.

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