1976 Bicentennial $2 Dollar Bill Complete Guide – How Much Is It Worth And Why?

This video covers everything you need to know about 1976 $2 Dollar Bills, or 1976 $2 Federal Reserve Notes with green seals, from the history of the note to the design to the different factors that might make them valuable or not (and special characteristics that have outsize value catalysts). Collecting rare currency and older banknotes, especially U.S. banknotes, exposes collectors to a wide variety of really interesting monetary history and artwork, so it's always good to brush up on the information and understanding of the notes, and that is what I'm aiming to do with this series. My goal is to cover each of the main types of banknotes, highlighting everything from consecutive notes to fancy serial numbers to uncirculated and circulated bills to errors. So much info to condense and present to you – hopefully you can take away something valuable that will help you in your collecting goals.


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2 Comments on “1976 Bicentennial $2 Dollar Bill Complete Guide – How Much Is It Worth And Why?”

  1. I have a 1976 Minneapolis Star Note! Got it from Wells Fargo, but sadly, while it may be crisp, it has gunk from something brown on it. 😢

  2. 2:26 The Double over print is very cool looking. I would not pay 18 grand for it… but I guess for someones collection would be a cool piece. 3:20 the Blank note is also cool. Thank you for the info…. my mom use to keep 2 dollar bills. Customer gave her 2 dollar bills and coins as Tips(waitress) Ill have to check old ones.

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