1979-P Dollar Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

This is my coins worth money series that runs every other week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. Whether it’s an error dollar, variety dollar, or key date dollar, the dollars worth money are often worth big money – and I’m here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. If you watch, you may find dollars worth big money after cherrypicking.

This specific video is about 1979-P dollars worth money – these 1979-P wide rim coins can be worth $500 or more in the right condition! Best of luck finding one of these awesome 1979-P dollars.


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25 Comments on “1979-P Dollar Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?”

  1. Let us allow two types of the currency in the video, one small, which is required, and one large, not in trouble, nor is the mistake in the big. Thank you.

  2. Got a couple roll of dollar coins at bank today. There were a number of SBA dollars in them, and one of those was a wide rim.
    Always happy to find a variety coin

  3. Had both types and sold them 4 years ago due to a divorce. Didn’t care about them then, but wish I didn’t now. Ouch!!!!

  4. Good morning
    I have one of these coins and the mint mark is a blob and no letter. Can you help me understand this coin and why does it have a blob mark instead if a letter. Thank you

  5. Thanks my wife was handed one the other day at a supermarket as a quarter and she tried to give it back and the cashier told her to keep it…and it’s a wide rim thanks for the video

  6. How much are they worth with DDO/DDR? My grandmother collected coins and I have many with Errors on both sides.

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