1985 quarter you should know about!

We talk about 1985 quarter you should know about. It's very valuable and we will give you the most recent sold prices of the 1985 quarters struck in all 3 U.S. Mints. In this video we cover, regular & proof quarters as well as an amazing and valuable errors on them. If you collect Washington Quarters or looking for the valuable coin, this video is definitely for you. Enjoy!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “1985 quarter you should know about!”

  1. I keep all 1985 and 88’ coin’s in decent shape, because I met my wife in 85’ and we got married in 88’.
    Great information.
    Thanks for sharing J&B!!

  2. It’s amazing to me that the weird strikes ever made it out of the mint.
    Wouldn’t they be obvious to the trained eye? Has the process been automated, or are they proof that the people there have a sense of humor?
    I’ve been busy for the past minute or two and this is the first video that I’ve watched in a while.
    Nice work on your production J & B!

  3. What if it’s part of a set? When I was born my parents bought me one of the 1985 sets of all the coin denomination from both the P and D mints…one complete set has all P mint marks, and one set all have D mint marks. None have the S at all.

  4. How are you (J) and B doing today my friends and thank you for sharing your thoughts and videos brother and I pray that B is doing better today

  5. I can’t keep up with checking all my change, so I save most of it til winter . Thinking of buying a change counter, cuz I know many ppl who don’t use change and don’t like the hassle of cashing it in, so they have piles of it, maybe offer them a little premium.

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