1995-D Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?

Welcome to my Saturday series each week highlighting a different coin you may find in pocket change or in a collection worth money. Whether it’s an error penny, variety penny, or key date penny, the pennies worth money are often worth big money – and I’m here to show you what to look for via a discussion of where the error or variety is on the coin and then close up pictures of it. If you watch, you may find pennies worth big money after cherrypicking.

This specific video is about 1995-D pennies worth money – these 1995-D doubled die reverse error coins can be worth $400 or more in the right condition! Best of luck finding one of these awesome 1995-D pennies.


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22 Comments on “1995-D Penny Worth Money – How Much Is It Worth and Why?”

  1. I actually found one of these 2 weeks ago in one of my hunts. Sent it off for grading already. What a super cool thing to find.

    1. I’m gonna need to know what brand magnifying glass you used 😂. I can not for the life of me see half of what I am looking for anymore

  2. Very nice every zinc coin i find you can see the copper coating then zinc around all the letters and the date really bad minting i even have 2 solid zinc coins no copper at all.

  3. Christian
    I pulled a bunch of 1995 out of circulation back in 95 and they’re all like new.
    I always thought that the doubling was on the date I’m going to have to check the lettering.
    They’re all still put away.
    Thanks for the info.

  4. I just recently learned about the 2009 Lincoln penny and its four variations. Really cool coins! Anyhow, found me 7 of these in a small coin roll hunt. Can you PLEASE do a video on these??? 🙏

  5. Hi…Just got a 1995 D but it is totally a lighter planchet…anyone know any worth information out there on wrong planchet?

  6. I just came across a 1995D double die and the doubling is promenant in the in God we Trust and the date and d. Don’t know if it’s worth getting it graded .

  7. Hello! I just got into this hobby of coins. And still pretty new about knowledge of this. I have a 1995 D penny and 1975 D penny too. Is it worth anything or keep it? Thanks!

  8. Hi there, I came across your video about this coin and from my research I’ve found out that the 1995-D DDO MS/65 and higher is extremely rare. I believe I have found one of these coins and have many pictures I’d like to share with you if you could help me confirm if this is that variety or not. The coin I have has very clear doubling in the date and slight doubling in the liberty, not as clear in the “In god we trust” but also has very clear doubling on the reverse. My email is in my description and am interested if you could lend an eye to help determine if I’ve found something really good or not. Thank you for your help if you can find the time.

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