1997 Quarters you should look for! Quarters worth money to look for!

We talk about 1971 quarters worth money you should look for. We found one and are considering sending out to be graded, so we talk about grading coins as well.

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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26 Comments on “1997 Quarters you should look for! Quarters worth money to look for!”

  1. That is a gamble but not a big one. I’d flip a coin heads go for it tails forget about having it graded. Personally I like to see grading go DIGITAL. It would cost a company maybe millions and a long time to get it set up. Scanning thousands of coins but once they have it right grading coins would be consistent. Then we may not have to flip a coin or make a gamble to have our coins graded like we do now.

  2. Grade that coin, trust your expertise, especially since you’re keeping the coin either way!! Good luck to you J&B!!

    When they had a crossover “sale” in 2017 I sent something like 45 coins to PCGS to cross, be graded and one for attribution. Only one crossed, the attribution was graded ONLY, and those to be graded got graded way less than I’d hoped. Very disappointing to say the least. I have a ‘68 Washington quarter in MS-68 that didn’t cross. Look that value up that I lost! You’re right, it must be their mood, the weather or the attitude of the grader on that particular day!

  4. Firstly, I’d use NGC. Secondly, if you are gonna keep it either way, I’d get it graded. Otherwise, it’s just a nice quarter. Thirdly, what the heck do I know? Thanks J&B

  5. I would grade it! I’m going to check my 1997 quarters and see if I should grade mine. Great Video! Thanks again!!

  6. Send it in and get in graded. I have a stack of 1990’s quarters. I will look through them. TY for all you do.

  7. I would grade it. I’m going to check mine 97 quarters after watching this video. Can’t wait to find one worth grading. J&B; Thank you for all your hard work to keep us informed!

  8. Great video! Perfect timing,. I’ve been wondering how to grade coins. This coin looks like it would be a good one to grade. I would grade it but then I love shiny coins. =)

  9. I say if Mrs B thinks its a good idea, you should get it graded. I would go with PCGS for this coin. Please do let us know the outcome if you do.

  10. I would have it graded, well if you keep i would still have it graded. I’ve had a 1997 quarter but it a d. I learn so much here, thanks JB

  11. I feel its worth grading. I like to preserve coins simply because they are history and feel proper encapsulation is worth the price even if I come out behind. Good luck and thank you for another great video.

  12. Grading anything is a gamble!….i just flip my goodies snd wsit to see… I like pcgs… But some others cheaper! Thanks!

  13. Damn 😒😥 10:00 that perfect proof S 1997 quarter selling for only 9$ actually hurt my feelings and it isn’t even my coin 😁 definitely gotta learn what’s worth getting graded 👍 great video

  14. Well it’s just the thrill of the hunt, we gamble with every breath we take, I’m think I will send quarters in my next round of grading gambles

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