1999-2009 State Quarter Errors & Varieties Complete Guide – Values & Clear Explanation

There are a notable number of valuable errors on state quarters, so I made a clear and concise presentation to explain exactly what to look for and their values. There are quite a range of possible quarter errors to look for, and knowing the big coins will be very helpful. However, in addition to the major varieties, I also cover all of the minor varieties recognized by PCGS so that you have the complete picture. Two pieces of advice: when selling, remember that there generally aren’t tons of these coins on the market, so values can fluctuate based on demand at a specific moment when a coin comes to the market, and in general, look for coins in slabs that have missed variety attributions.


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24 Comments on “1999-2009 State Quarter Errors & Varieties Complete Guide – Values & Clear Explanation”

  1. Nice Christian. I do have several of these… spitting horse, extra cactus leaf etc. But I have not found many of them. There are just so many that I don’t look for some of them. Maybe I should. Thanks for the info.

  2. 2007-p IMO. It seems it is the pommel (horn) found on the western saddle. In bronco riding the rider has a rope in one hand and grabs the pommel with the same hand.

  3. Ok Christian I finally researched a single roll of the Wyoming Quarters. What I found was doubling on the horses front legs to the left also on the tail of the mule to the right Lol. I have yet to find the one in your video. I still have a couple of rolls to search. The Wyoming Quarters are sort of a plain Joe/Jane design. Just my thoughts. Thanks again for all your help. I found a total of 7 out of one roll. EIEI OH MY! 👌👍🏴‍☠️🇺🇸

  4. By Satin he means the Oregon mint set quarter?

    Great video! An ATB video like this would be awesome as well.

  5. You are One of the Best Teachers on Coins that I have ever Seen Christian**** You are very Kind with your Words** Thank you my Friend** Jerry White

  6. From what I see…you dont waste time, and you show very fine photos. I like that! And I love the time stamps, too!

  7. I like the way you group your reviews, it helps if you are searching that group. Most bounce around from type after type and that makes it harder to look at your coins.

  8. I like coin collecting and so I will always come back and check on your insights on coins. Thanks for sharing info, their very helpful for me.

  9. It is a pleasure to watch your videos. I am only a few months into this madness and hopefully you don’t mind a Question. Where does a person sell the Coins that are worth $3-$5 ? E-bay seems dishonest and unless it is a big ticket item, Heritage won’t touch it. If you could point me in the right direction I will spread your name and graciousness throughout all my travels. Much Thanks

  10. thanks for the video, i was really hoping you would have called the horse on Wyoming a Quarter Horse. probably just me, kinda thought it was funny. I too like how you get to the point and describe the errors on the coins. Again, Thank you!

  11. I have an interesting Vermont Quarter error. It has a large patch of “scaling” on the back side that lines up perfectly with the man’s mouth. It actually could be mistaken for something done on purpose. It actually looks like the man’s breath is visible in the cold air. Ever heard of this error?

  12. I have a quarter exactly like the one you’re showing of Wyoming, the coin is very soft on both sides, the horse is like it’s disappearing! Do you know how much it is valued?

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