2017 pennies worth money to look for!

We talk about 2017 pennies worth money to look for and how valuable can the 2017 penny be? Are the 2017 pennies worth looking for?
We cover the business as well as proof pennies; and talk about their most recent values and even errors.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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18 Comments on “2017 pennies worth money to look for!”

  1. I do keep my pennies in higher grades. Maybe I’ll try the bank. I always get new boxes when I’m trying to get circulated copper

  2. Iam like most collectors I put my 2017 asides. I don’t stack them on top of each other it can mess them up . I have 68 2017s pennies 150 d and 320p . I’ve never taken my collection to have them looked at because where I live there are only pawn shops, and there the biggest thefts here lol .

  3. My Lady Christy won a roll form you and we found all of the above in that roll tdo die cracks it was amazing thanks again

  4. Heck yeah man I have Ben saving these since you talked about them back 4 years ago. Thanks for your info. It’s hard finding any that are non carbon spotted. I have a few but just saying. It’s tough

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