2022 W American Silver Eagle!

We give you a very important update about 2022 ASE struck at West Point mint, so you won't miss your chance to own this very coin!
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Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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21 Comments on “2022 W American Silver Eagle!”

  1. Was hoping you might mention product mintage and comparison with other years. Thank you anyway.

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    1. God bless y’all. Is my *190K* good enough to retire? I’m so exigent (demanding urgent attention) on the best investment ideas on how to possibly Create Wealth. What’s your say on this approach? I’ll appreciate any investment idea

  3. My last purchase from the Mint was I believe the 2017 uncirculated (speller thing tried to say uncircumcised, but I caught it) silver set.
    I was lucky enough to get through on release day.
    Guess where I’m going to be on June first?
    Thanks for the info, J & B.
    Soldier on!

  4. Verify your Mint info. 🤔
    Memorial Day is Monday; the Mint will probably soon start charging/verifying enrolled accounts prior to the June 1st release date.

  5. How many 2022 American eagles are made? And I like how you help with how to order for the 1st of june

  6. I already have 3 of them and one is PCGS graded MS-70 first day of release, other 2 are first strike eligible just need to send in. They are pretty

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