5 valuable pennies to look for in circulation!

In this video we will talk about 5 valuable pennies you can still find in circulation. All of them were sold last year, so you will know there most recent sold prices.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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17 Comments on “5 valuable pennies to look for in circulation!”

    1. J that 1943 bronze i think, i might of came across one. I always separate the wheats before i do anything else on the bags i get from the bank. Now you have me curious.

  1. I have thousands of pennies!!!! I been looking for the 99 pennies last week or so. I know I have several of some of those coins…. Not the 43 tho I know lol

  2. If so I see any of these but they was only worth 5 but literally it seemz all the pennies I was asking about short 2 heh. All the pennies we talking about
    Oh man I seen one I have 3 69 s. 😬

    1. I was confused about that also, I only watch videos with captions on and sound off, and It read 96 when there clearly was a 92 on the screen. I guess I’ll look for both, lmao

  3. I save all my change and periodically go through it. I really need a lope though. My laser sharp vision has dwindled in the last 30 years, lol

  4. Just emptied a half full water dispenser jug of change and am in the process of separating, sorting, and classifying about 5++ pounds of change. Your videos are such a great reference and I appreciate so much all you two do. J & Mrs Bee are the best on YouTube when it come to my coin referencing and research hands down. Wish me luck.

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