$50 Dollar Rare Coin Grab Bag Battle vs. @Silverpicker – Buying Merrill Coins IG Loot Box

Silverpicker's Video:

Episode 5 of my grab bag battle with Max, @Silverpicker , is complete with some sweet coins and medium-fun outcomes – though I'm going to need to come up with a bit more value ahead of the final tally. We've been unboxing some sweet coins, and in this one, were able to pick up some particularly interesting graded items. So many neat items and fun history represented within.. excited to see how the last hunt goes, though!

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7 Comments on “$50 Dollar Rare Coin Grab Bag Battle vs. @Silverpicker – Buying Merrill Coins IG Loot Box”

  1. It was close to the $50 range. It’s always nice to pick up alittle silver and hopefully, you’ll have a RPM. I appreciate your letting us follow along and hope that you do better with the next one.✌

    1. I always have an issue about grading companies pricing their own products. PCGS gets their prices from higher end auctions not Ebay. I think they are using fair market value.

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