$500,000 of rare coins stolen!

Suspects Caught!
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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14 Comments on “$500,000 of rare coins stolen!”

  1. I’m glad all my purchases of coins always been delivered on a timely manner and unopened or damaged.

  2. I Just Recently Sold An UNC 2023 Box Of Nickels On Ebay For 150 But The Guy Who Received It Said All The Rolls Had Been Open And It Was Water Damaged. So We Gave Him A Full Refund, Now Im Just Hoping He Sends ALL The Coins Back!!

  3. I use tracking and signature every time I send anything of value. Yes, it costs, but it gives peace of mind. And like when dealing with Littleton, they get a notice that it is in the possession of the Post Office. Thus showing its being returned.

  4. Well you know after the mail-in voting thing myself I will never trust the Post office again
    The one thing though that is for sure 😊
    Once you have your graded
    You can feel a little safer
    But with new technology maybe a system can be put in place
    Like facial recognition
    I believe because of where and different marks and different markings
    A coin is probably much like a fingerprint
    No two are exactly the same
    Maybe these coin grading companies should get into forensic photos

  5. Excellent video and unreal. I actually ordered parts for a antique engine my son and I were restoring. I received a email that the package was delivered. I checked our mailbox and there was no package. I waited for a couple days, called the seller. Seller received email that package was delivered as well. So I went to post office , showed them that it was said to be delivered but it was not. This is not the first time this has happened to us. Well I made a big stink over this and basically was told it had been delivered when it had not and there was nothing I could do. Well after a few phone calls to higher up postal services my package mysteriously appeared in our mailbox 4 days later. I took a picture of package in mailbox and took it to the post office and showed them that it had been placed in our mailbox. There was no answer given nor explanation of how the package just showed up. Funny how this works but what’s even funnier is nothing has been done about it what so ever.

  6. In a recent incident, I tracked an important package that was out for delivery to me the same day. At 5:01pm (my PO closes at 5:00pm) I received a tracking update from the PO that the package was returned due to an “incomplete address”! I called the Postmaster early morning the next day and complained profusely that they should have looked up the tracking address that shows the address where the package should be delivered. He said there was nothing he could do since the mail has already been returned to sender. I argued with him and contacted his superiors at the main PO who vowed to look into the matter. The next day, I received my package with the original mailing label that had the correct address in perfect condition, that was not “returned to sender”!!! So, tell me, who was playing hide and seek with my mail? This was not the first incident. You have to remain diligent and stay on their backs until your incident is fully resolved!

  7. That’s great they got caught. The store owner should have been aware of his items she bought previously being stolen. I think she looked away previously, and this time knew she couldn’t. That’s a different subject. My P.O. did take one of my packages, however after I called and finally went down to the P.O., telling them im not leaving until they find it. I stayed until closing. At that point the manager knew i meant business. I couldn’t stay overnight, lol. It took a month, and the person who took it finally gave it up, and I got my package. This was the only time I ever had this happen. I believe the conversation I had with the manager led to my package returned. No yelling or bad language, just calm and stood my ground. Long story.

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