$610 Large Silver World Coin Unboxing w/Rare Bullion And Old Type Coins!!

I unboxed a great group of $610 in world silver coinage that I purchased not too long ago – and there were some awesome items in the mix. I likely paid a little high for some of the stuff, but felt pretty good about others of it – these vids are often my favorite to make, since I get to really give an inside look at the types of things going on within Treasure Town that I feel make it extra interesting. What was your favorite coin that I unboxed? Let me know in the comments below.

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11 Comments on “$610 Large Silver World Coin Unboxing w/Rare Bullion And Old Type Coins!!”

  1. What I personally like about the Mexican coinage is that it always has great design work and is struck well.

    1. Mexican coinage is superb. I really love the classic 8 reales – so many dates and varieties and many have chopmarks from China or even Japan!

  2. You did very well , you shouldn’t have any problem doubling yer money maybe a little more good buys

  3. You did well on the buy. I would be very happy to have any of these coins in my collection. Take care. See you in the Sale today on Whatnot.

  4. Great assortment of world silver coins. 4:37 That´s a Prussian “Kanonenthaler”, 1818 is the most common year of this type, worth in this condition around 90,- bucks. Greets from GER, U.

  5. For $610 that is awesome. Especially the Prussian and the Cyprus. I need to find one of those bulk purchase.

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