7 Reasons To Coin Roll Hunt: How To Maximize & Get The Most Out Of Bank Box Searching

I've enjoyed coin roll hunting for a long time, and looking back (from the perspective that I have now, where I rarely roll hunt but fondly remember my experience and involvement doing so) wish I had heard these tips earlier. Understanding what you are looking at and searching for on a more fundamental level – from how errors work to what varieties mean to the different types of rare dates and design aspects to look for – would have made the experience much more enjoyable for me. And having the opportunity to spend time actively treasure hunting with no downside is also super fun! Let me know what you think below!

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12 Comments on “7 Reasons To Coin Roll Hunt: How To Maximize & Get The Most Out Of Bank Box Searching”

  1. Thanks for the info. new subscriber ! I am a silver stacker coin collector and metal detector. I have always wanted to try coin roll hunting my question is how do you get the rolls that may have treasure instead of getting newly minted rolls that will have nothing of treasure in them guaranteed. I hope you understand the question. I would like to buy rolls worth looking through.

  2. I wish I had your wisdom as a collector. You will surely improve the experience of new collectors everywhere!

  3. Coin roll hunting is ideal, playing with house money, like you said…..not much to lose, but lots can be gained! Thanks Christian, stay well and good luck in your own hunts!

  4. 👍 Nice , thanks for all your help , I have books now , and some really good coins , still I could use a little guidance so I can start selling 🙏

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