7 Wheat Penny Rolls From A Bank Teller?!

I walked into a bank and asked the teller for some penny rolls… She counts me out $10 worth and 7 of the rolls were ALL WHEATIES!
I love it when lady luck looks my way… I just recently started getting back into coin collecting and coin roll hunting so to have this kind of luck on my first bank visit was either a sign or just plain dumb luck!

Either way, I'll take it…

In this video, I will run you through my finds. A lot of the coins were from the 40's and 50's, but we did get a few teens, twenties and a handful of 30's!

I hope you enjoy the video. I plan on posting new ones weekly so please subscribe if you wish to see more.

Thanks for watching!

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28 Comments on “7 Wheat Penny Rolls From A Bank Teller?!”

  1. A little bit of bank luck when I was able to get handed 7 rolls of all wheaties! It was a fun hunt and a good day.

    1. I couldn’t add a comment on the giveaway….. Don’t know why.
      But i sure would like the 1925 nickel…
      Happy hunting…..

    1. •Lazy YT• the oldest coin I have is a 1812 not coin roll hunting tho I found a 1909 vdb but not the best condition but great job finding that gg

    2. Yeah my oldest Penney is a 1818, I also have a 1883 one dollar coin that is almost pristine, Little to no scratches and stains.

  2. That’s really awesome! I had something like that happen but the opposite. I had rolls of uncirculated coins!

  3. New sub here and enjoyed your video! Found a 1909 the other day and was thrilled!

  4. Also very cool to see Rob starting as we all are starting. It’s not just you, and it’s not just me – it’s a real thing.

  5. Going back and watching this. This right here is what it’s all about. It’s always nice finding one or two here and there, but finding gems like this really makes me excited. First bank box I ever got was all hand rolled. It was almost a sunk box until close to the end, and a single roll had 17 wheaties in it. I was hooked ever since.

  6. Pretty cool to see the one that started it all. I have to say, your current format is definitely better, and the mats make it fun.

  7. I had a box where 80% of the rolls were nothing, but then there were 9 rolls with almost full wheaty rolls which was crazy!

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