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There’s been a lot of buzz about silver and investing in precious metals recently, but there are definitely some steps that you should take to protect yourself from either losing small amounts money or being blown out of the water and seeing your money vanish. A lot of the advice is common sense but the video is brief and compact and will give a good overview of ways to be smart in dealing with silver. If you have any other tips, ideas, or things to avoid, please let me know in the comments.


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46 Comments on “8 TRAPS TO AVOID WHEN BUYING SILVER – Silver Stacking Advice”

  1. Hey TT. You are one of them on Youtube with rare sense to share your views and educate many others on coins. Your talk is well organized and easy to follow. However I have to disagree with you on silver as investment. In my view, PM including silver is an insurance policy since he does not generate revenue and dividends. Thanks for bringing up this topic to the general topic. Like #22.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I think that it is definitely a good hedge against inflation and actually agree with you. I think it’s a solid part of any investment portfolio though (probably around 5-10% unless you think a big crash is coming).

    2. Eventually that revenue will be worthless with fiat currency. Maybe not in our lifetime, but one day. The dollar is only worth the paper it’s printed on once this financial house of cards comes crashing down. It happens around the world quite often and it would be silly to think that we are immune. We are a financially bankrupt country just trying to stay afloat. There’s no coming back from -23 trillion dollars. Gold and silver is the way to go.

  2. Thanks Christian, great advice as always. Too many YouTubers don’t give you the full prospective and you’re doing that.

  3. Love the honesty and real world scenarios. Always remind those who want to buy silver is to bring a magnet and an scale; the LCS is a good bet especially as a trusted location who will also buy from you.

  4. Great video! For a younger guy, you have a great understanding of where silver and precious metals fit in general in the scope of investing. Your knowledge is impressive! You should get your securities license!

  5. Great video! Thanks to watching a bunch of videos like this I avoided a few mistakes. I’ve been stacking for just over a year. Mostly buying ASE’s and constitutional Silver this past year.

  6. if you want to minimize premiums and get a larger amount, the 100 oz bars are fine. Larger dealers actually have 100 oz bars as their main holdings and make sure you get certain types of bars that stopped being made before the fakes started in gold (and some silver). Johnson-Matthey ones are widely recognized as “known-good” and will pay a premium over other kinds in some cases. If you can, it’s not a bad idea to have a mix of bars, Eagles, rounds, and junk silver.

  7. It doesn’t grow like a stock, and there is risk it can devalue but virtually NO risk it will be worthless. It will always have some value and always have potential to grow no matter what happens. It’s also a quick investment to pull from if you need to, if you have physical possession of it. That to me makes it a security investment, but not necessarily a wealth building investment.

  8. Please keep up the GREAT WORK your doing young man I’m sure it’s appreciated by many people. This is the best investment advice I’ve received in a long time and I thank you for the wonderful lesson, I like your teaching style.

  9. Great and informative video. Keep up the good work. Please consider that there isn’t much else that is not rigged in the markets. The value of basically everything is controlled. For those who suffer of greed there are higher yielding places to park money. For those of us who choose not to gamble, we hold gold and silver. Just like the central Banks do. Consider parking the majority of your savings under your own vigilance and control.

  10. I’m with Vern Evens below. ETF’s have a downside, especially when attempting to take possession of physical precious metals. Pay-for-storage is, in my estimation, another no-no. Many of us stack against a total financial collapse or other SHTF scenario. When the plop-plop hits the rotary ocillator, is there really someone out there who believes that the storage facilities are going to break their neck trying to get your PM’s across the country to you? I have a feeling that these storage facilities will simply have a hey-day. “Whoopee, free stuff!” Silver can become extremely heavy and take up space, but get creative and find a place to store it. Heard on one channel that someone spray painted a 100ozT bar of silver and used it as a door stop. Love it.

  11. Very nicely done! I was dreading to see if I had made many mistakes purchasing some silver, but I seemed to have done good according to you. Nice video, direct information.

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  13. 8 mistakes:
    1. not buying physical silver (:47)
    2. buying too large or too small  denominations (1:55)
    3. not buying reputable silver 3:18)
    4. buying fake silver (4:12)
    5. overpaying (buying numismatic coins) (5:27)
    6. buying all your silver at once (6:30)
    7. buying too much silver (7:50)
    8. ignoring the market/ what drives price (9:33)

    1. Imo, he missed one. Not buying enough in relation to your networth. Buying ten 1 ounce coins when you’re worth a couple million dollars is dumb. Grab a hundred 10 ounce bars or something if you’re in that networth range. Don’t worry about “using coins to buy things”. If we ever end up in a barter economy, ammo will be a better every day currency. Can’t protect yourself with a silver coin.

    2. @manictiger I agree however I don’t think we will get to that point of a barter economy unless there is a nuclear explosion or an asteroid hitting us from space.

    3. @murp61
      It’s a contingency. If apocalypse, then ammo is defense. If no apocalypse, then ammo is investment.

  14. I think that something often overlooked by people is how to identify metal by its physical properties. It really doesn’t matter what is stamped on the outside — if you can’t test your bullion, you’ll end up getting duped like the banks that made all those collateralized loans to that fraudulent gold company in China.

    It really is not that difficult to do a few easy tests. Measure weight, density, flip it if it’s a coin to listen to the ring, and then let a magnet slide over it.

    For silver, the density is 10.49 g/cm³; the density of copper is 8.96 g/cm³. Both silver and copper are highly diamagnetic, significantly more so than any other metals — when you angle a silver bar or coin nearly perpendicular to the ground and slide a strong magnet down it, the magnet will fall slowly. The combination diamagnetism and density test will largely guarantee your coin or bar has the silver content expected.

    For gold, the density is 19.3 g/cm³; the density of tungsten is also 19.3 g/cm³. Tungsten, however, is paramagnetic while gold is mildly diamagnetic, so magnets will behave differently in the presence of tungsten.

    You’ll have to do your own research on the densities of various forms of coin or crown gold and various purities of junk silver. I will be making a handful of cheat sheets with physical metal properties and common coin specifications for my own use in the future; I recommend everyone does the same.

  15. This young man is offering sage advice well beyond his years. I spent a couple of months reading articles and watching videos like this before I bought my first bullion. I don’t go over my budget and always use the e-check option – using credit cards can turn into a debt instead of a possible investment. Don’t be in a hurry to try and catch up to stackers you see on Reddit or on videos – it took years for these stackers to accumulate their wealth. Listen to the advice this gentleman is offering – he knows what he’s talking about!

    1. And I totally agree about taking it slow and in a manner that you can do safely as opposed to competing with others.

    2. What do you mean by don’t hurry? Buying small portions over a long period of time?

    3. @Петър Кръстев Good question. A lot of folks see the huge amounts of Gold and Silver on YouTube and Redit and think they need to catch up. Bullion should be purchased after all bills are paid and while not draining all accounts. Sounds like common sense, but people are getting caught up in this Silver Squeeze movement. Slow and steady wins the race!

    4. well im 13 so i dont need to worry about credit cards ect to much. im going to start stacking gold and silver bullion as a investment part hobby. even though i dont make lots of money its better to start somewhere

  16. Thank you for addressing people who pretty much go all in on silver. I feel they get addicted to the collecting side of stacking silver. My main investments at 33 are equities and crypto, which grossly outperform silver, but I like holding some silver to diversify into more of a risk off asset. I dont expect my silver holdings to build me to retirement lol

  17. Generating income is an action but keeping money is a behaviour . During time’s like this it’s proven to be a difficult challenge.💯💯

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