Amazing Silver Proof Set & a special error coin.

The Wulf 56 11:00 AM

Will's Treasures 11:15 AM

Wildwest Stacker 11:30 AM

Mrs Coin Crew 11:45 PM

PPP 12:00 PM

Stacks and Stuff 12:15 PM

Big Red Bullion 12:30 PM

Madd Stacker 12:45 PM

23 Comments on “Amazing Silver Proof Set & a special error coin.”

    1. @WillsTreasures The envelope, sticker and the friends was the giveaway! It’s like his trademark. Nice coin by the way!

  1. Sorry bud but ignoring the shoehorned woke for a minute, that Proof set is just appalling value for money. Unless they are very limited editions (such as the Great Engravers) then the Royal Mint proof stuff is about double the spot price, ditto the Royal Canadian and Perth mints. Whilst the generic coins – Myths and Legends, Beasts and Britannia’s only a few quid over spot. I am sick of seeing coin collectors and stackers being ripped off by the US Mint.

    But love the old 3c coin. I have to pick one of those up.

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