American Silver Eagle Stacking Beginner’s Guide – The Pros & Cons Of ASEs

American Silver Eagles have a lot of significant positives that make them one of the most common and recognized silver investment vehicles. In the past, I have recommended them as my number one choice for silver investors to get involved with stacking physical silver, but the premiums have made them a bit out of reach in my opinion. With that being said, there are still some positives to using them and stacking with these coins – so stick around for the full video!


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11 Comments on “American Silver Eagle Stacking Beginner’s Guide – The Pros & Cons Of ASEs”

  1. I stopped buying ASEs because of the premiums. I started buying world bullions. There are lots of designs that would satisfy any ones interest. I like history so the Britannia with the wave background pattern brings back to when Britannia ruled the wave. Or the Athenian owl on the Niue brings the Athenian empire and the Peloponnesian War. The new eagle design is okay but will go back if the mint is willing to redesign the old one without making look so archaic and 1980s.

  2. I have a lot of Silver Eagles but more of the Maple Leafs from Canada. I quit buying when they started raising the premiums. I’m so old I still have silver dollars that I traded at my bank for a silver certificate. I never got a good one from the bank, but a friend got an 89-CC one day.

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