American Silver Eagles vs. Canadian Maple Leafs vs. British Britannias: Which Is Best?

Didn’t this battle play out about 245 years ago already??? Let’s check out what the situation in terms of government silver rounds is… and I think it might be different this time. For a long time, I would have recommended the American Silver Eagle, as it seemed to be the king over all of the proverbial colonies, or other silver rounds. However, unique circumstances involving pricing, accessibility, and more are meaning that the hold on power is slowly slipping away, and I might have to say that I no longer believe the old ruler is the strongest these days. Take a look at Canadian Silver Maples and British Britannias for good examples of possibly smarter investments.


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11 Comments on “American Silver Eagles vs. Canadian Maple Leafs vs. British Britannias: Which Is Best?”

    1. Premiums have definitely crept up and even I am considering alternatives, but having said that, depending on who you are buying from, I equate the premium to “trust”. There is nothing worse then paying $40 for a silver bullion coin only to find out it is a pretty good fake. IMO, coin shops, at this moment, are the better places to buy stacking silver, since there is no shipping, insurance and in some states, no tax. Premiums are still higher than they should be, but for various reasons the market is also not the stable as it has been in the past five years or so. World events, pandemics, war, fin-trolls and influencer-crypto scams… makes everything financial loose it’s mind.

    2. I totally agree on the buying local from trusted shops, much lower premiums and giving them cash / just immediate liquidity and profit, saving them time of selling it elsewhere, is also something the desire (and reward you for).

  1. End of the day- silver is silver and only fools pay way, way above spot.

    I sold junk in 2011 and it got weighed- no face value, just weight.

    You buy metals for weight and nothing more…

  2. I like all the bullion coins you mentioned, I would also add silver Krugerrands, a new-ish upstart for certain, but gold Krugerrands are very recognizable, I hope the name recognition on the silver ones would also carry some “confidence”. I also stack some generic silver rounds, for the reasons you mentioned, premiums over spot are a lot better. But I fear “confidence” during resale is clearly not the same as government produced bullion coins. Although I think you make a good argument for Britannia’s for the current state of the market.

    1. That’s a good point. The confidence is so interesting – I never really know what to think. But I appreciate your comment!

  3. I prefer Britannias. Love the design of Britannia’s history when they ruled the waves. Plus they have awesome security features. All ASE has is that weird notch on the reed edge. Yes boys and girls, the US mint spent millions of dollars and the best they thought of was removing a reed.

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