An Easy To Spot Penny Error Worth Big Money

An Easy To Spot Penny Error Worth Big Money
In 1994, the Philadelphia Mint accidentally doubled one of their reverse dies and struck several pennies featuring extra columns in the last two columns of the Memorial Building on the reverse of the coin. This became known as the 1994 DDR FS-801. DDR means Doubled Die Reverse and because of this mint mistake, these pennies can fetch real value in the market.
In this video, I will show you how easy it is to spot and share with you it's value. I have found one during my coin hunts and mine received a nice MS64RD Grade from PCGS.
Here's the video where I found the penny featured in this video:

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22 Comments on “An Easy To Spot Penny Error Worth Big Money”

  1. Now Rob, your last short you showed a magic coin then found one, I will wait for you to find this coin in your next penny hunt!

    1. Hapnation, funny you said that cus that’s his coin he’s showing that he found during a coin hunt and then had it graded. The video that he found I in is at the top of all Chay right here.

  2. I’d love to find one of these since that’s my birth year. I found a 1995 DDO a couple months ago, which was pretty cool!

  3. I love these video. Keep them up. You give us true info, like D or P mint mark. Other coin people that supposedly know there stuff never gives us mint marks

  4. Now this is the kind of video people want to see. Not the short Erie music ones that don’t even show the error.

  5. What the heck?! I’ve never heard of that variety before. Now I can’t get rid of my junk pennies because I have to find one of these now *LOL*

  6. I have to ask you what does your subscription do for you? I saw Coin sales on certain days of the week, but it said subscriptions only and you have to send it a box of cavities to you in order to find the silvers.

  7. Now I have to go through all my pennies again. When will I learn to categorize my coins by date? 😂

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