ANA eLearning Academy – April 13, 1976: A Numismatic Bicentennial Kickoff Event Remembered

This presentation covers the history and release behind the designed 1976 $2 Bill issue and the resulting new numismatic collectible created that day thanks to the USPS…the postmarked $2 provided 13-cents postage was affixed. It was called by collectors the B$2FDC! Strict rules for the postmarking were set out, but were they always followed? What unique postmarked collectibles were ultimately created in the roughly estimated 10 million $2 bills postmarked nationwide?

The presentation will also feature numerous examples of postmarked notes in such areas as famous names of people, Washington; unusual city names Picabo, ID, plants Cucumber, WV; insects, Roach, Foreign country cancels; US ships, Air Force Bases, and a whole lot more. Come an enjoy the fun filled of the events of that day remembered.

Presenter: Walt Ostromecki

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