Banknote & Currency Collecting for Beginners – Old Paper Money 101 (US & World)

This video should be a good introduction for anyone interested in learning more about old banknote collecting and a lot of the history behind United States bills as well as some inspiration for a potential collection of US banknotes or world currency! There is so much history on these notes, and I wanted to share a brief overview with you so that you are equipped with the basic information that can be super helpful as a starting point to go off and learn more! Looks like I gave myself some video topics to delve deeper into… see you on some of those videos!


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28 Comments on “Banknote & Currency Collecting for Beginners – Old Paper Money 101 (US & World)”

  1. Nice presentation, Christian! One of the coolest world notes is the 1912 Russian 500 rubles. They are huge, have beautiful engraving, and at the time of issue would have purchased a house. If you look around, you can pick one up for a few bucks.

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! I believe I’ve owned one at one point – was quite worn – but a super cool note.

  2. These banknotes and currency are really neat … like history behind many of these. Thanks for sharing all this information.

  3. Wow. That group of currency is awesome. I’m going to try to purchase some brown National Currency bank notes. I find these interesting especially after reading Numismatic News Express which highlights the different banks/towns where some bills originated from. Thanks

  4. Awesome collection. A lot of airports have currency exchange stations. For a small fee you can exchange your US money for all types of international money. A few weeks ago I traveled from NC to Denver. Even though it was a domestic flight i was able to score a lot of bank notes from other countries for practically face value.

  5. Back in the day gold and silver for paper. Today a $1 bill will get you 4 clad quarters worth about 25 cents melt.
    On the upside a $1 bill could get you 100 pennies 1982 or prior worth $3 melt because of they’re pure copper.

    1. @Treasure Town I love those copper large cents! Too bad our beloved coppers will be no more as of 4-1-2023 the mints will stop producing pennies altogether.

  6. Goodafternoon, just watched your video regarding old US dollar bills. I would very much appreciate if you could help me find a collector for some old currency.
    i have a series of 1934…100US dollar bill and also a rare Gold Certificate amounting to 100,000 USD. Please let me know.

  7. My few bills consist of a twenty that’s got the backside of the White House on 1988 I believe. Then in 1999 there’s a portrait of Jackson much larger. For some reason I don’t have much of an itch for bills. I used to have bills from a trip to Sydney Australia. But then I rationalized I could just go to google to look at the bills so I traded them back to us currency at the airport. On a different topic the best coin I ever owned was twenty dollar coin. Beautiful

  8. Could you help me? I found a dollar bill that has what looks like a ink smudge. How can I tell if it is an error or something that occurred later also the bill is in poor condition

  9. On the front of a series 2017A one dollar bill, what does the small letter & small number on the left of the bill represent? I thought that I read that it represents the position of the bill on the sheet of bills that it was part of. But I have two bills with consecutive serial numbers and both bills have the same letter & number on the left of the face of the bills.
    I do apologize for this question but I am very confused.
    Thanks so much for your help.

  10. 2:59 I have the 10¢ version of fractional currency I got from an antique store, it was minted 1874 and has William M Meredith (June 8, 1799 – August 17, 1873) who was the Former United States Secretary of the Treasury under the Zachery Taylor administration

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