Barr Notes – Scarce $1 Dollar Bills In Pocket Change You Should Look For – How Much Are They Worth?

Have you ever taken a close look at the bills in your wallet? These days, a $1 dollar bill might not purchase much, but there are some better ones that I definitely wouldn't want to be spending. Today, we will be discussing Barr notes, which are notes worth a decent amount of money – nothing crazy in most cases – that are also quite collected and one of the types that a lot of newer currency collectors are quite interested in. While the value of a Barr note is not necessarily as imposing, that means that it can be a good bill for paper money collectors to get started with and appreciate… plus, there's a bit of history and context attached! Let's talk all about this note and give you a full overview.


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3 Comments on “Barr Notes – Scarce $1 Dollar Bills In Pocket Change You Should Look For – How Much Are They Worth?”

  1. My dear Christian even at 9 dls per 1 dlr bill that’s a huge profit . Great info .
    Keep up the good work. God bless y’all.

  2. I have recently found and saved a Barr note. Was pretty cool to find in circulation while not expecting it. Wish I would have known about specimen notes when I was young, I actually had one, but later spent it, not the Barr Specimen, but still.

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