Best Gold Coin Collection – Rare Romanian Gold Coins Worth Crazy Money!

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Today we will be taking a look at my personal collection of gold coins. My collection features a number of interesting and valuable Romanian coins. We will take a look at the value of these coins both in terms of their melt value (gold value) and their numismatic value. Additionally, we will explore the interesting history behind these coins, along with the historical figures they feature.

The coins seen in this video are as follows:

Romania 20 lei 1883 in Uncirculated Condition

Romania 20 lei 1944 "Three Kings" in Uncirculated Condition

Romania 100 lei 1906 in Uncirculated Condition

This video is part of a two part in series on gold coin collecting and investing. Part two will provide some helpful tips and tricks for those of you looking to get started in gold coin and gold bullion investing.

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34 Comments on “Best Gold Coin Collection – Rare Romanian Gold Coins Worth Crazy Money!”

    1. Salut,

      Im pare bine ca sa mai uita si din Romania! Mai trimiteti la prieten daca sunt intersats. As vrea sa am mai multi Romanii in audienta!

      Toate cele bune,


    2. Da ! super canalul de YouTube, o placere pentru mine ca si colectionar. Asa am sa si fac, am si dat share pe grupul de numismatica aici in Romania. o zi buna si multa bafta !

    3. Rares Sopterean Multumesc frumos. Ce fel de monezi colecționat? Eu am o grămada de monezi, bancnote, medalii toate românești. Am vândut majoritatea din bancnotele americane destul de recent. Mai sunt alte grupe in Romania? Stiu numai de transylvanian numismatics. O zii buna!

    4. currencyworld in ceea ce priveste colectia mea sunt specializat pe romanesti aur si pe Thaleri si piese medievale Europa. Majoritatea grupurilor de numismatica pe care le folosesc sunt pe FB, perfecte pentru discutii / vanzari / cumparari. Daca doriti putem tine legatura pe Fb sau IG si ma puteti gasi sub acelasi nume ca aici. Cu ocazia asta putem discuta mai multe si impartasi informatii.

    5. Rares Sopterean Super, am si eu ceva gros din Moldova, Alexandru cel bun, dar nu ma pricep de loc. Asa voi face. Am Facebook numai pentru canal si pentru firma dar voi folosi.

  1. Most coin guys I’ve seen never tell u the history of coins , I believe it will create a much more interest toward being a collector

    1. Hi Fred,

      Glad you enjoyed it. I was a bit reluctant to take this approach in the video, since a lot of people today tend to find history boring. It’s great to hear you like learning about the history of the coins. Thanks for watching and consider subscribing if you have not already. I hope to return to a more regular upload schedule.



    2. I absolutely agree! The main reason I like collecting is the history behind the coins, which I find to be the most interesting part 😀

    3. Hi IC Coins,

      It’s great to hear that there are other like minded people out there. The history behind the coins is also what attracted me to the hobby.



  2. Great video man. I hope you get back to your old self soon. I also think you should do more videos on coins (US 🇺🇸). Just a suggestion.👌👍😎

    1. Thanks buddy, I appreciate it. I will do more videos on US coins and currency. I have a huge paper money collection that I have yet to show on the channel. Looks like you have some interesting coin roll hunting videos! Keep up the good work.



    1. Hi Colorado Coin Hunter,

      Thanks for the support. I see you have some interesting coin videos as well. I am going to check them out. Please consider subscribing if you have not already. Hopefully we can continue growing this hobby together with our channels!



  3. Wow top notch Romanian gold coin collection. I would like to start buying some gold coins like this myself!

  4. My favorite coin, currency, and collectible channel by far. I really like your series on the most valuable US coins. I’m looking forward to seeing more top 10 valuable penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, and silver dollar videos in the future.

  5. Awesome videos always informative and always great to learn about different coins, currencies, and banknotes. I especially enjoy your top 10 and top 15 most valuable coins video. Please do more content on U.S. coins!

  6. This is my second video watching,I just subscribed don’t know how I never found you before the coin channel I WAS following has no educational substance for me,happy I found you.

    1. Hi Kirk,

      Thank you for watching and subscribing. Glad you were able to find the channel and found it educational. What types of coins or currency do you collect? I look forward to hearing more from you on the channel soon.

      Best regards,

      Currency World

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