BEST Silver Stacking Strategy For 2022: Stick To The Basics

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Let's think through what the best strategy for purchasing silver in 2022 might be, or at least how I'll be doing it. Stick to the basics! Don't get caught up in crazy types of silver – establish good relationships with a few dealers to buy 90% constitutional or low-premium one/ten ounce bars/coins, buy consistently (but not when silver is spiking upwards). Don't get caught up in hype that doesn't correlate with your fundamentals, though it is fun to watch content surrounding silver. And most importantly, have fun!

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21 Comments on “BEST Silver Stacking Strategy For 2022: Stick To The Basics”

  1. My coin/pawn store waits till people sell their coins to them. Thats their policy which I don’t know if thats a general rule or the exception any thoughts T&T?

  2. I collect for fun. I don’t have enough income to invest in stocks, bonds, or even gold. So I collect what I like, some coins, some bullion, but all silver.

  3. Good advice! I love junk dimes, quarters, and halves. I have bought 40% to have something when no one had 90%.
    I also got several 5 and 10 oz bars and rounds. Sunshine and Englehard are my favs.
    I also keep a few hundred in dimes , quarters and halves in modern coinage vs paper money. At least they are metal and should be worth more than paper money in a crunch

  4. Like 20 as always Watch the Perfect Videos,Thank You, Merry Christimas and Happy New Year With Family From Your Friend on YTube

  5. Forgot to add this. When things got scarce I also went to 80% Canadian coins and old proof sets. At least they are right next door and not across the ocean lololololol

  6. I was a huge silver stacker for 10+ years. In the last year or so I have sold off alot of it. Now I’m into making mint and date sets. 90% silver is where it’s at for me. Another great video Christian.

  7. I like silver half dollars. Franklin’s are usually cheaper. Happy new year 🎉 ✨️ 🎉🎊🎉😊

  8. Yeah, I always get a kick out of people thinking they are gonna stick it to the banks by “squeezing” silver. 90% of the demand for silver is industrial.

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