BIG SILVER + RARE World Coins + Strong Mech Doubling Found In Half Pound Loot Bag Search – Bag #1

Had a great time with the first MA-Shops ( ) sponsored half pound world coin search of my new series – was able to get a ton of bags to search, and I can't wait to go through them with you. MA-Shops is a trusted online marketplace for coins from all around the world, including ancients, medieval, U.S., and even paper money. I get these bags from different coin dealers who I have connections with, and unbox them coin by coin, looking for rare, old, collectible, or even just neat coins that unveil history from all around the world. Today's selection was fun and provided us with some neat learning – hope that you enjoyed!

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29 Comments on “BIG SILVER + RARE World Coins + Strong Mech Doubling Found In Half Pound Loot Bag Search – Bag #1”

  1. As a buyer from MAshops I can say the are very good and you can trust most of the buyers. I would definitely check them out!

    Great video and nice finds! I love the toned coins! Thanks for sharing!

    By the way I think you need to add the thing that says includes Paid Promotion if it is because it says that in the YT rules and I think you can get in big trouble!

    1. Totally agree! They are a great company – and I switched over to paid promotion disclosed… thanks on that! Didn’t realize I needed to hit that button in addition to giving the segment & description.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge of the world coins I’m not a big collector of them but I have a few that were given to me and no nothing about them thanks for the information

  3. why did Germany allow Belgium and Denmark, and Netherlands, put their deposed monarchs on their coins during the ww2 occupation?

    1. The Kings of Denmark and Belgium stayed in there countries and therefore they were put on the coins resp. were mentioned. Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands went to London – the Dutch occupaition coins didn’t show her.

    2. Great point from Andreas – he is super knowledgeable. The United States also struck coins for the Netherlands, so they were willing to put her on non-occupation currency.

  4. Not worth over face value due to a huge mintage but the 1971 UK penny was the first year of our decimal currency (50 years ago this year), so it’s a neat bit of history!

  5. I always enjoy your world coins videos.A nice mix of countries and continents.Most of my pick up are European countries.England ,Germany,Spain,France,Italy and arranger 1970.I would like to get older coins Anda better mix of countries.I’ll just have to keep trying.Thanks again for the videos.

  6. Hey I’m interested in getting world coins to expand my collection where is a good place to find cheap collection of world coin thx ☺️

  7. Where your gloves? Shame shame. Just joking but usually you have em on and I recommend that with how dirty those can be. It made my OCD kick in a lil.

  8. I done a trade and received a bunch of world coins, 3 really stood out, 1901 2 shilling, 1896 1 shilling, and 1797 cart wheel 2 pence, it’s huge

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