Buying $2K Silver & Gold Coin Collection from Israel

I bought a bunch of sweet silver and gold coins from Israel. Check em out!

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29 Comments on “Buying $2K Silver & Gold Coin Collection from Israel”

    1. Hey Barry, unfortunately I already sold them. I still have the gold and silver set though if you’re looking for something higher value

  1. I don’t have any Israeli coins. Mostly because the State of Israel doesn’t really issue any non-commemorative Silver coins. But as for the Commemorative coins they issue there are some real lookers in there. I would love to pick some up but they have a heck of a numismatic premium. Thanks for sharing this.

    Israel has been on my “to do list” for a while. I’ll be hitting the coin shops when I get there.

  2. Their packaging is better than the US Mint thanks so much for sharing have a blessed and wonderful Christmas

    1. I buy from collectors. I sell these at my whatnot auctions. If you use my code, you also get $10 free

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