Can You Spot The Gold In This Huge Coin Collection We Bought???

Today we are looking through another collection of coins which we have recently bought!

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1965 Churchill Crown –

1973 EEC 50p Proof –

1974 Gold Sovereign –

Sovereigns (Best Value) –

1977 Silver Jubilee 25p Crown Silver Proof –

1980 Queen Mother Crown Silver Proof –

1981 Royal Wedding Charles and Diana 25p Crown Silver Proof –

1986 Commonwealth Games £2 –

1989 Bill Of Rights £2 –

1989 Claim Of Right £2 –

1989 Claim And Bill Of Rights £2 Silver Proof Set –

1990 Queen Mother £5 BU –

1990 Queen Mother £5 Silver Proof –

1993 Coronation £5 BU –

1994 D-Day 50p –

1994 Bank Of England £2 –

1995 Dove £2 –

1995 United Nations £2 –

1996 Football £2 –

1996 Queen's 70th Birthday £5 BU –

1997 Golden Wedding £5 BU –

1998 Prince Charles £5 BU –

1999 Diana £5 BU –

2000 Queen Mother £5 BU –

2001 Queen Victoria £5 BU –

2002 Golden Jubilee £5 BU –

2003 Coronation Anniversary £5 BU –

1oz 999 Silver Britannias (Best Value) –


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8 Comments on “Can You Spot The Gold In This Huge Coin Collection We Bought???”

  1. I like the countdown to the Olympic £5 coins
    Looking forward to see the rest
    Great stuff Christopher & BCC 👍🏻

  2. This was my coin collection. Sorry to part with it but the years are catching up with me and I have no-one to pass it on to. I look forward to part two!

  3. When your thinking of the price of gold rising or falling, its better to think of the currency devaluing against itself or in comparison with the US dollar.
    The flip side of variable gold prices, is currecy fluctuations.

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