Chatting w/APMEX’s Director of Numismatics: How A Bullion Giant Is Competing In Coins – Ted Ancher

I had the opportunity to speak with @apmex Director of Numismatics, Ted Ancher, about what they have been up to in the rare coins space, his journey within numismatics, the history of his company, and learn some interesting numismatic perspective along the way. Enjoyed getting the chance to catch up and hear what they are up to – it's fascinating to see the different approaches of coin businesses, and learn more about the origins and strengths of each one. Looking forward to seeing what happens at APMEX over the next few years.. I've enjoyed doing business with them and likely will continue to in the future.

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16 Comments on “Chatting w/APMEX’s Director of Numismatics: How A Bullion Giant Is Competing In Coins – Ted Ancher”

    1. Hi King Tut, I didn’t get any video – sounds very exciting though! If it is a mule, taking it to a local coin shop for possible submission to PCGS would be a great step.

  1. Why promote to follow you if your going to ignore the people especially with what I found yesterday..

  2. Christian – do me one little favor – drop the adjective “super” it is overused and very, quite, highly, etc are all excellent alternatives. “Super excited” sounds to me like Valley talk of 1998 that has for some inexplicable reason has become very popular in media the past few years.

  3. Not someone I’d ever buy from because of the inflated premiums. Best deals are found when cutting middlemen like apmex out of the equation which I do 100 percent of the time. Never buy from wholesalers people, be patient and wait for the best deals.

  4. I don’t know how to use his phone good so I couldn’t send it to you. I’m trying to figure out how to send you the picture I’m not trying to bother nobody I just wanted to know if you would like to see the penny

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