Cheerios Dollar – Search Your Change For This Rare Sacagawea Gold Dollar Variety

The cheerios dollar isn't worth anything unless it's the 1999 reverse cheerios dollar. This video teaches you how to identify the 1999 reverse cheerios dollar and explains the difference between the two of them and what the 1999 reverse cheerios dollar is worth. Don't forget to check your change!

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35 Comments on “Cheerios Dollar – Search Your Change For This Rare Sacagawea Gold Dollar Variety”

  1. Good timing on this video. I just recently was reading up on both the cheerios and wounded varieties.

  2. Very interesting information…I never bought Cheerios for my kiddo…she wouldn’t eat them nor would I. Man did we miss out. LOL Great unique looking coin.

    1. LOL, I used to have to dump a lot of sugar on them. I was never a fan. I checked with my relatives to see if any of them got the boxes 21 years ago but they didn’t. I hope you’re doing well Pattie. Thanks

    2. @Mint Miser HAHAHA they make blue berry now!! They are palatable but couldn’t STILL get through the HEART HEALTHY box❣.🤷‍♀️🤭😂

    1. Lol it’s alright I had a 1913 Liberty dime the coin shop said they would at least give me $20 for $0.10 I thought oh wow that’s awesome after I got home and researched it because smartphones didn’t exist back then I found out that it was worth $150,000

  3. I recently discovered a Cheerios 2000 P in good shiny condition. Per tail feathers u mention so far I can’t tell for sure if 1999 reverse or 2000 reverse. Leaning towards 2000. Next thing is going to get the coin graded/authenticated here in North Idaho. Fun stuff. Is there anything you recommend at this point? Thx

    1. ​@Neal Benham That’s not what he’s saying. The Sacagawea dollar coin was initially released in 2000, but it was first minted (basically designed and struck) in 1999, for the original release date in 2000. So there is no 1999 Sacagawea dollar, there never was a 1999 Sacagawea dollar. It was just designed and originally struck in 1999 with a circulation date of 2000, and released in 2000. Hence, the 2000 initial date on the coin. So the rare coins (5500 of them) with the reverse feathering detail he’s talking about were the ones that were the year 2000 P coins that were originally struck in 1999. Later in the actual year of 2000, they changed the detailing on the feathers to take the barbs off, which was an attempt to make the feathers appear lighter in color.

  4. I have a 1896 Morgan cheerios dollar. My grandfather gave to me one mourning when I was eating my cheerios. I sell for 20,000$

  5. Ive got a 2021 quarter that looks like it’s been circulated in a rough place..but this quarter is an error coin cause it has no ridge around’s perfectly smooth to the point you can see where the different metals are put together..I thought it was an old spy coin that could be took apart to find a bug inside..but it’s just an error coin

  6. I don’t remember what year it was,but I got a regular dollar bill out of a box of Cheerios .
    I still have it in the original wrapping it came in.

  7. I have a 2001 P mint sacagawea that has no marks on the edges and the wings have no detail at all. Does anyone know if it’s worth anything?

  8. Ahhh ! Finnaly someone explained it ! Thank you Sir !.. now I know I’ve given a couple away ….. Aaarrrgggg !

  9. I have a Sacagawea dollar coin with NO mint date at all on the obverse and a picture of a peace pipe with the words wampanoga treaty 1621 on the reverse side. Any value above one dollar?

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