Coin Dealer Burn Out, Exiting the Industry, and Collector Demographics with Ben @TheCoinGeek

I sat down for another interview with Ben @TheCoinGeek ( ) to talk about coin dealer burnout, exiting the industry, and collector demographics among other topics. Ben is the owner of Old Pueblo Coin, a coin shop in Arizona, and also produces a lot of awesome, experience-backed coin content on his channel TheCoinGeek. We've spoken before and he always has a lot of really interesting wisdom to share… hope you enjoy the video.


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15 Comments on “Coin Dealer Burn Out, Exiting the Industry, and Collector Demographics with Ben @TheCoinGeek”

  1. I’m part of the old guy (65) with little resources trying coin collecting as a hobby. Having a good time it. Daughter now calling me a coin nerd so I guess I graduated to not just a novice. Any tips on Indian head cent collecting?

    1. Hmm.. there are some awesome varieties to collect, and figure out if you like RD coins… they are a lot more expensive but will probably hold value better (my guess) since people often want the best. Watch out for raw UNC coins… I have seen a lot of doctored/dipped ones.

  2. I’ve sent coins for grading. Satisfied that grades were accurate. I would not need to have a CAC beanie but might buy a coin with one already on it – if price is competitive.

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