Cool piece from the U.S. mint. Adding to my collection

Another piece from the U.S. mint to add to my collection


P.O. Box 872
Marshall’s creek, PA. 18355

24 Comments on “Cool piece from the U.S. mint. Adding to my collection”

  1. ASE’s aren’t really my thing… but I will definitely be sending you an envelope… Good stuff

  2. Hey man, I didn’t know you were in Marshall’s Creek , I’m just down the road in Allentown

  3. That’s a beautiful Eagle! I’ll definitely do a sticker trade with ya! I’ll be sending you mine out this week! Thanks for sharing brother

  4. Wow, that coin is more beautiful then my 1/10 th ounce gold coin. Jealous big time. Nice purchase and great of you to share with us. What was it graded at. Bravo Bravo

  5. It’s an awesome presentation piece, as intended. But, the Grading Co’s and the Flippers have RUINED it. In some ways, I blame the buyers of the graded versions of this over hyped coin set.

  6. I absolutely love ASE!! My favorite to collect by far. I would probably die if someone bought one for me as a gift but I’m pretty sure that will not happen. Not a lot of my family know that I have started to collect/Stack silver. Pretty sure I am going to have to get one for myself!! Congrats on getting yours Will. It is stunningly beautiful !! Thank you so much for sharing!! 💙🤙🏻

    1. You have chosen a wonderful coin to collect. The ASE’s are just stunning and have some nice history to. Thank you for watching today.

  7. A gorgeous and totally fabulous assortment of items. ⚘⚘

  8. Nice pick up Will! I haven’t collected a 2022 ASE just yet. For me, I think I’ll go for the standard OGP.

  9. Hello there new friend, cool video. Was yours visible in the box like mine was? Thank you for showing us.

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