Did you ever buy a counterfeit coin?

Did you ever buy a counterfeit coin? What would you do if you did? The counterfeits are a serious problem and we talk about them in this video. In case you are a victim you should report it by email to Davis at the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation at Doug@ACEFonline.org.

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “Did you ever buy a counterfeit coin?”

  1. Yes an 1888 Carson City Morgan but it was 95% silver so I decided to keep it and not destroy it and a couple more Chinese panda and a silver yen however the panda in the end or both silver-plated I like the Carson City that actually had more than 90% silver

  2. Yes. It was a fake hobo coin. Yesterday, at my job, a guy tried to pass off a fake hundred dollar bill. I brought it to Loss Prevention and they took it away from him. We have been getting a lot, recently.

  3. Yes I did , price was just too good for the coin — best indicator — if to good to be true probably is — thanks

  4. I don’t buy anything on social media because I bought some stuff from Ebay and never received it year’s ago so I learned a hard lesson. I have seen some fake coins in a antique shop they were statehood quarters. Thanks for the information

    1. The best way to avoid buying a counterfeit coin is to weigh it. Never buy a coin without weighing it’s outweighing it 1st often a coin can look like the real thing but the weight will not be right 99 times out of a 100.

  5. As of now, THANKFULLY, I have not found any fake coins. I do fret and stress when I go look at coins and have a tendency to leave them…because on limited funds, I cannot afford to lose money. Thank you for the information. 😊❤

  6. I have never found a counterfeit coin that I know of so far. I have seen those adds all over face book for fake silver eagles, it is sad that people fall for it. The price alone of $19.99 each with free shipping should raise a Red Flag!!

  7. I have not to long ago it was to be silver and it was metal I used a magnet and when the coin stuck to the magnet I knew it was fake so I just made a complaint to the person that I bought it from and they refunded my money

  8. Fortunately I have never bought a counterfeit coin. When I did buy coins it was always through reputable dealers. Thank you for all of your informative videos

  9. I bought a large estate of coins. In the coins was a Large one cent coin that was certified by the mint. Beautiful coin with an error in the date. Sent it in for grading and come back counterfiet.

  10. I purchased an 8 coin lot of older counterfeit coin’s… Some do have a great value.
    I purchased the lot for $8 and sold every coin on ebay.. every coin was posted and described as ( contemporary counterfeits)
    Date’s ranged from 1842-1972
    Each coin sold for BIN listings and sold each one for $45-12
    You could tell by the photos that they were off metal and described as such.
    There are collector’s of older counterfeit coins. I wasn’t sure that I would sell any of them, but I sold all 8 within 10 days of posting..
    BUT make sure that you list them as such.

  11. I have never bought a counterfeit coin, that I know of. I do have some silver dollars from my mom, and I swear she told me one was counterfeit, but I don’t know why she thought that. My dad was the collector, lol.

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