Do You Have This Valuable Quarter?

Do You Have This Valuable Quarter?
I actually found one of these valuable 1976-D Quarters in one of my quarter hunts. You can watch that video by clicking here:

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46 Comments on “Do You Have This Valuable Quarter?”

    1. That’s not all, Bud. I’m American & we’re all desperate for antiquities. That’s anything – maybe even poor condition items ‘This Mona Lisa has some cracked surface lines.’ ”Go away.” Hmm? ’ANYTHING’ 40-50 years old has SOME degree of antiquity to it.
      My former slumlord from India didn’t know such matters in the USA so he flipped when I asking him if he just threw away >130 mini cast- iron radiators? “WHY‽” Oh, no.. “WHAT, WHAT?!” Those are antiquities in this country: e, Craig’s, On Your Own – minimum of $25/1 !!
      That’s not counting functionality – scrap weight, art: spray off/out the gunk & rust and it’ll still WORK as a baseboard heater- RADIATORS, RADIATING HEAT! His shoulders sunk. It felt good to see that on his face because, as it turned out – he’d corruptly capped off the New Improved baseboard heaters so less than a half of the tenants were getting any heat.

    2. Hello my name is Jerry took them like I was saying I have a few of those bicentennial quarters I’ll take a look at tomorrow

  1. I just got two bicentennials today. I found a 1955 Wheatie as well….. And unfortunately rolled it back into the roll like a big dummy☝️

    1. Nice…I have these in mint sets. Also have a strange 50 dollar bill. Can’t figure how to upload photo.

  2. I have a couple of these quarters. The doubling is on the E & B on the one coin. The other has it on all the letters

    1. Your friend should play the lottery because he has better odds of winning the lottery than he does finding DD, 1976 Washington Quarter.

    1. @Canadiannavy922 they’re not incredibly difficult to come across coin roll hunting, plus it may have been a collection passed down from a parent or something

  3. Thanks for this! I had no idea. I have a bunch of these at home. Gonna search thru them as soon as I get there.

  4. I was looking through my bicentennial quarter rolls about a month and a half ago and I found one. It looks like it’s about mint state 60. They’re definitely still out there.

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