Error quarter worth money!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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12 Comments on “Error quarter worth money!”

  1. Great video however my question is on a Lincoln penny you can penny with the president’s nose separated from separated from his face

  2. I bought a piece back in 1980. It was a CDN penny struck on a dime piece with a similar story to it. I wonder what that is worth? Had it since then.

  3. I found what I think is an error quarter. I’m going to send it to Mr Wexler to try and verify it. Hope it is!!

  4. Hey jb ive got some pictures of a couple coins i have questions on one being a 1907 gold quarter. Let me know where i can send them thank you.

  5. I have a nickel that is printed on the back but blank on the front…….any advise on that coin???

  6. 1983 that’s my year man! A lucky coin as well? Haha! That’s a rad one J!

    I have a lucky penny story for ya. I found it in 2013. I’m still wondering about this one it trips me out! It’s a 1955 but it’s a strange one for sure.
    I showed it to a man from ANACS at a coin show in CT back in 2013 about a week after I found it. We tried figuring it out for 20 mins or so lol…we discussed how maybe it is some kind of calibration coin, an experimental piece that the mint workers used when they changed out the dies. Maybe even related to the ‘55DDO. It would of had to have been hit by another coin that flipped over. It’s hard to try to figure out how this thing could have been made because it has so much going on that it doesn’t make any sense lol. He ended up telling me he had a $20,000 cap that day. He didn’t need to tell me that but we both we’re thinking it may be worth more. He could have just said he had $1000 but he was honest with me. I don’t think he felt he had enough to offer, and didn’t make a full out offer, but instead threw it out there to see if I’d bite. I declined the $20,000 for it.🙏🏻

    I talked to Fred in La that year. He looked at it briefly and said it was a hammer job. I haven’t sent it in which is what he recommended. I talked to the reps from PCGS at that show tho, they were the ones who told me to ask Fred. They didn’t know what to make of it either.
    A few years ago I got wondering about it again. I took a hammer and 2 copper pennies and hit them as hard as I could with a hammer. This penny I have, definitely wasn’t hit with a hammer like Fred guessed, that I can guarantee after doing the experiment and comparing the two. Nor is it a vise press, it’s not flat enough. It has a concave to it almost like a capped die would. The reverse is indented, that’s another oddity if it was some type of a vise press. The concave would be the other way.
    So, I don’t know what to think about how authentic it is, if this can even be made at the mint or what. It’s a head scratcher lol. The major anomaly that makes it special is that it has an extra ST from trust in it. Set way below any doubled die effects and it’s just the ST. Very well defined, yet looks nothing like a DDO. Some say it’s an attempt at a counterfeit, but I disagree with that line of thinking. It’s not an attempt to make a DDO at all. It looks nothing like any Ive ever seen. The ST is way off centered.
    There is a reversed imprint of an obverse from another 1955 penny on it as well, that’s why it looks like a hammer strike.

    In fact, I see some stuff in this coin that gets Spiritual for me. I’m gonna use it as a means to raise funds for a Peace Camp, it’s like a Spiritual thing. Kinda like a church but more with the Old Irish Connectivity to it All. Same thing for the most part. Into the Roots 🍀
    That’s what I’m into though, I’m trying to make a space to create some Peace in. I think we need it these days lol.

    That’s one reason I’ve turned onto you guys a lot when I’m searching coins. I enjoy that you stop and say prayers. There’s something real in that which seems to be harder to find these days. That’s good leadership guys, much respect ✊

    As of now, I’m seeking a hefty $ donation for the penny. Please wish me Luck! I need it, this is pretty far out there…I think there is Devine message in the Coin, no kidding. I see something that relates to Abraham and trusting in the power of Creation. There’s something really good being said in it, from what I see or read in it. Things like “Have faith” or “Trust in God”. They say God works in mysterious ways, I’d have to agree with that. Seems like Creation can come through anything, anywhere. Like that saying “The Kingdom of Heaven is all around us.” I like that one a lot. It feels Connected, like how the Clovers feel.

    Bless up guys!

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