Fall Whitman Expo Coin Show Results – Show & Tell With WorldClassCoins (Toners, Commems, Moderns,+)

Was nice to stop by Gary from WorldClassCoins's hotel ( ) at a recent coin show to check in on the types of coins he's been buying and how he'll plan to make a buck or two from them. There are a lot of different pieces of good information that he discusses, including conditional rarity wheat pennies, different types of toning, classic commemorative half dollars, and more. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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11 Comments on “Fall Whitman Expo Coin Show Results – Show & Tell With WorldClassCoins (Toners, Commems, Moderns,+)”

  1. Stunning coins guys! Interesting about the tidbit information for general conditions on the 1954 Lincoln Cent. Got to look for high grade coins at my collection and LCS. Take care.

  2. I will never understand these sorts of markets. Like, yeah, there’s a ton of money in them, but I just think they make no sense and aren’t very logical. The more traditional coin market, in my opinion, while still being very subjective, still has its logic. These markets for me are just way too subjective. Like toning. I could easily wipe off that toning, and then hundreds of Dollars would be gone.

  3. I think that ngc has Pcgs beat on the mid century coins Franklins and Kennedy’s. Also with ancients, civil war tokens and metals. Pcgs has them beat everywhere else I think
    I agree with him on all but that 58p Franklin
    It’s green which is good but it’s a ugly hazy green and that reverse is super hazy 😬 I think it gets docked a point for that and comes nowhere near the $1000 range but hey I can be wrong. Maybe it looks much better in hand

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