FIVE FIGURE Coins, Gold CACs, Monster Toners: Coin Dealing in Baltimore With @WorldClassCoins

I checked in at the Whitman Baltimore Expo with Gary from @WorldClassCoins ( ) to see what coins he's been buying recently and his strategy he'll be using to sell them or deal with them. Not everything was directly bought from the show, but there's a lot of learning in store and access to some great coins I normally wouldn't be able to see, including Peace Dollars, Morgan Dollars, Gettysburg Half Dollars, and more. Hope you enjoy this episode, and I'm excited to work with Gary on a few more videos going forward.

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9 Comments on “FIVE FIGURE Coins, Gold CACs, Monster Toners: Coin Dealing in Baltimore With @WorldClassCoins”

  1. This gentleman buys toned coins and sell them at almost double. He buys them from other dealers. What is wrong with those dealers. They couldn’t do what this individual is doing? That is why I never buy toned coins. Besides that is oxidation deteriorating the coin. All whites for me. So many other coins to buy with a big check book.

  2. Those are some world class coins for sure but damn he really over values them imo. I like the spin on that spot on the 1923 peace “some people like it, let’s you know it’s original”. Or how his 81s is one of only 50 toners that are this nice. I’m sorry but I’ve seen cases full of equally nice toned Morgan’s at coin shows
    The 81s may be the easiest Morgan to find toned along with the 87p so that hurts it a lot Imo

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