FOOTBALL FINDS & TOUCHDOWN DEALS (12 Super Rare Pieces of NFL Memorabilia) | Pawn Stars | History

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Hut, hut, hike! Watch as the Pawn Stars examine the rarest of the rare football memorabilia. Hopefully, these deals will make it to the end zone, in this Pawn Stars mega-compilation. #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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74 Comments on “FOOTBALL FINDS & TOUCHDOWN DEALS (12 Super Rare Pieces of NFL Memorabilia) | Pawn Stars | History”

  1. I know how Rick feels about his chargers. I can relate to such a thing my team hasn’t won yet either. But that’s a story for another day. Bottom line is the only way your team won’t ever have a championship is if they don’t exist. Every team has a chance they just have to make it happen period.

    1. I still don’t understand why folks bring ANYTHING to a pawn shop, especially w/ the internet nowadays! You’ll NEVER get the going price! Id rather deal w/ a picker than a pawn shop.

  2. I love how Rick can be honest and tell the customers that their items are worth more than what they’re asking for. That way they’re not being cheated for their money and great service.

  3. Finally a person who knows how pawn shops work the guy at the end was one of the only people to ask for a reasonable number right from the start and not jump straight to the highest possible price

    1. @Masked Fella No, you don’t. Sounds like you’ve never even dealt with a pawn shop, or any other type of reseller.

  4. Let’s not forget about how this man brings in the most rare Super Bowl memorabilia in existence and asked for 1000 and Rick himself was like “yo”

    1. He should have been furious with himself. When he said that game was the most important game ever, I paused it for 3 minutes because I was laughing so hard 😂

    2. @Greg Engel It was. It was the first official championship game that led to the AFL-NFL Championship and later the Super Bowl.

    3. @Brendon Buffaloe the guy said it was the most important game ever. I know it was the first championship, but I still don’t think is the most important game ever. But that’s my opinion, and you have your opinion. People will disagree with both of us.

    1. Robbed? I think he’s very earnest. You don’t have to sell and he’s bringing specialists. Les gold in Detroit is a real Pusher . He rips people

  5. Glad she didn’t sell that ring. It kind of bums me out seeing some people selling pieces of their personal history so cheap. If she has children I can’t help but think they would absolutely love to have their mothers Super Bowl ring someday.

  6. This is the best reality TV show. All the pawn stars cast are awesome people. You know good folks when you meet them and these guys are

    1. The rare book dealer (not Rebecca, the jewish dude) is awesome. He has a youtube channel about collecting books and what not. Seems super knowledgeable.

  7. The guy with the 3 Super Bowl rings looks like the type of guy to judge your whole character based on the team you support.

    1. Well yeah, he’s delirious. He thinks the 49ers had the greatest dynasty of all time. Acting like it isn’t Tom Brady’s Patriots.

    2. @PermaJeff I mean I’m the early 2000s for sure, but you can’t ignore the giant gap there was until 2015 against Seattle. He was 3-2 until that point and wasn’t widely accepted as the GOAT until recently, especially after the Atlanta-New England Super Bowl. Dynasty, in the early 2000s 100%. Recent memory, debatable

  8. Everyone busts ricks balls about his offers.. until he tells people they have something worth more than they are asking. I think he’s a class act overall.

    1. People also keep forgetting that Rick runs a pawn shop and you are NOT going to get anywhere near full value these items. People take their stuff to pawn shops because they want quick cash or they desperately need cash now.

    2. @David Reynolds

      Right. When you are soliciting something you become the seller and the Pawn Shop is now the customer.

    3. @hhdaking yes it is lol. If a trader has special knowledge of an item that he knows the consumer does not, then he can be liable for breach of contract or the contract will be repudiated due to misrepresentation, can’t remember which one. As stated in the Consumers Rights Act 2015 in the UK, America will have its equivalent

  9. Rick: “It’s going to be hard to sell.”

    Also Rick: “This is really rare and highly sought after by collectors.”

    1. I mean he’s right. It’s hard to sell, but those types of collectors either a) already have a ring from that year or b) they don’t want to spend that much for a ring

    2. That’s just good ‘ol generic talk from a pawn broker….. i should say a very GREEDY pawn broker.

  10. Seeing this show allows me to see how they play and they do down play sometimes on the price, but also on how hard it can be sold. It’s understandable because that’s the game and it’s psychological. You want them to go down because you have to make money while breaking even. So I understand why and some jobs require that. Someone said that they have the people who they call just off screen which I understand. When it comes to high priced items with a lot of money, they need a few days to get the money. It’s dumb to hold that much cash on hand when I’m guessing 50 grand is the max maybe. But banks require that and I know other stores and places do that, I just can’t think of any more. But that’s what makes dispensary a little bad because it’s all cash so they are targets. Anyone planning on owning one make sure it’s secure and that you have a good safe.

  11. It’s cool that the HoF football guy decided to give it to the HoF after being lowballed.

    Lightning fast and great deal for the last guy

  12. The cheerleader ring is worth way more than what Corey offered, because there are people who want a set of each kind of ring from a Superbowl, and there is a limited number of sets that can be collected each year.

  13. When Rick starts breathing heavy with both hands on the counter top staring at your memorabilia after you just gave him your price. He really is thinking what excuse can I come up with to make them believe that they should consider my low ball of a price. 😂😂

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