Fragments, False Planchets, and Feeder Finger Coin Error Complete Overview: Values + History + Info

Let's talk extensively with Travis, an experienced error dealer and collector, about fragment, false planchet, split planchet, and feeder finger coins (and learn about error coins generally). These coins are created when planchets that should NOT be being struck end up between the dies, and are quite rare and expensive. There is a lot to learn about the ins and outs of this type of coin, and it makes sense to have a good understanding – let's dive deep… I promise you'll learn something by the end of the video about errors.

Error coins are ones that have an abnormality in the minting process, meaning that every error is unique (as opposed to varieties, which are in the die-making process) to the coin as it appears in your hands. There are so many types of errors, and it's awesome to know about all of them, so I hope you enjoy this series with Travis.


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5 Comments on “Fragments, False Planchets, and Feeder Finger Coin Error Complete Overview: Values + History + Info”

  1. Thanks guys!! Fascinating. I’ve always suspected that mint employees play around when the boss isn’t breathing all over them.

  2. Always fun to see these crazy “error” even if some of them are probably shenanigans at the mint, LOL

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