Gold CAC Upgrades: Rare Rattler Commem Half Dollars & Valuable Coins With Gary & WorldClassCoins

I was able to sit down with Gary Ugrinovskiy ( ) to discuss some of the recent purchases that he has been making, and his strategy in doing so. Some of these buys are for his personal collection, while others of them are with an eye to resell them. Always good to get some more perspective, so I really appreciate Gary joining us today.


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9 Comments on “Gold CAC Upgrades: Rare Rattler Commem Half Dollars & Valuable Coins With Gary & WorldClassCoins”

  1. Chirstian please help me . I’ve been look for good coins for years. Yesterday I found 1980 p the reverse on United State of America has lots of doubling and tripling. I’ve never seen tripling . Can you help me out please.

  2. “The 63 coin kinda sucks, i don’t like it at all, the shitty 300$ coin is like a placeholder, fvck it, where’s my 67+?”

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