Gold & Silver Coin Collection Found In Abandoned Storage Unit!

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See ya at the next unit!
Justin and Jeana Grimes

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23 Comments on “Gold & Silver Coin Collection Found In Abandoned Storage Unit!”

  1. My grandfather found a plaque of silver and gold coins after he bought a 63′ wooden boat to take tourists around the Panama Canal. Cleaning out the bilge and there is was, hidden away. He made my dad promise to give it to his grand kids, and he did. Great collection. The gold coins are French. Silver are Morgans.

  2. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to find not one, but two you tuber storage people who actually know something about coins. I’ve been a collector for 60+ years and you won’t find any of my coins or sets in a storage unit, but some of the storage guys just seem to think they don’t have to know these things! BTW, I’ll bet you can guess who the other one is.

  3. I truly believe that you got this unit for always passing other units to help others! Grimes family deserve this unit!!! Congratulations

  4. SCOOOORRRE! I was excited watching you and waiting to see what’s in the next box. Incredible buy. Happy for y’all.

  5. Hi from Cairns, North Queensland Australia, long time fan. Saw an Australian $1 note in the book, went out of circulation in the 80’s and worth quite alot to collecters even in Australia. Keep up the hussle guys, love your work.

  6. You know coin collectors are cringing every time you toss/throw something in that box lol 😦

  7. I’m so excited for you and me!! I get to see y’all being blessed!!! I can’t wait to see what else you find!!!
    Thank you.

  8. I saw you open the truck door for Jeana! Being a gentleman is a lost art. My boys know that they better give up their seat and open doors for women and the elderly.

  9. Hi justin and Jeaner, that second unit is like CHRISTMAS has come early for you👍👍 best wishes from EVE in the UK.

  10. Hi there, watching you both and your finds always makes me smile, thank you 🙂 I’ve recently started collecting coins, mainly from auctions as where I am we don’t really have storage auctions – maybe 1 storage unit every second month (sad if you want to get into that business which I’d love too) so to see all those coins in that box was like a dream come true….. I shall have to continue to live vicariously through your videos LOL

  11. Love finding channels like this at random. I always think I’ve seen every good channel out there, then boom this guy kills it.

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