Government Silver Bullion 101 – The Ins & Outs Of Stacking Gov’t Rounds

There are a lot of different ways to stack silver, and government one ounce silver rounds seem to stand out quite often as an interesting opportunity to get attractive coins that are clearly .999 silver and 1 ounce. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider, in addition to the fact that there are a lot of different rounds fitting under the one ounce category. Some are more collector focused, while others seem to be traditional bullion investments – we will go over all of those factors so that you are well positioned to invest (or not) with these. They benefit from often having cool designs, security features, collector upside, clear silver melt amounts, and historical and high quality production. However, the prime drawbacks revolve around their low liquidity and demand profiles, but they’re still some of my favorite ways to spend some money in a not-100%-smart way on modern coins.


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7 Comments on “Government Silver Bullion 101 – The Ins & Outs Of Stacking Gov’t Rounds”

  1. im a coin collector and a silver stacker i collect all types of silver im starting to build a million dollar coin collection

  2. Interesting to see the various other bullion coins. Am primarily into ASEs, but I like to work on tubes of all the other main ones: Roos, Brits, Krugs, Phils, and MLs. I like the authenticity of the coins actually being minted by the issuing government and in high enough volume to be stacked universally. Thanks for showing your collection!

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