Graded Silver Bullion Beginner’s Guide – PCGS & NGC Slabbed 1 Oz… Good Idea?

Graded silver bullion – exciting for new collectors, possibly cool for seasoned ones, but also a contributor to a lot of bad feelings around the coin collecting industry. Let's go over the full picture on these coins from a stacking perspective and think about whether or not you should start buying (or how you should do so and plan to get out of them if you ever feel the need to move on).


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30 Comments on “Graded Silver Bullion Beginner’s Guide – PCGS & NGC Slabbed 1 Oz… Good Idea?”

  1. Investing in AMARK stock- the company that owns the online bullion dealers- is a much better investment than buying bullion from them, slabbed or not.

    If you’re strong on bullion- their stock has completely outperformed the bullion market.

    Invest in the business selling the shovels to mine, instead of buying the dirt?

  2. If it’s not MS 70 don’t waste your money. If it’s graded MS 70, don’t pay a pre premium. Silver is silver.

  3. Nice review of these coins. What is your opinion on the Morgan and Peace dollars that were recently minted and slabbed.

  4. I’ve stopped buying gold, for now.
    Instead, I’m buying graded silver at prices I would spend on fractional gold. Key, low-mintage dates of MS/PF 70 DCAM/UCAM and reverse proof Eagles, and MS64+ Morgans.
    Admittedly, a number of them are more than my resources can afford, for now, but I’m having fun with my new hobby that I will pass on.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s unbelievable how much some people pay for the label on graded bullion coins.

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