Half dollars hunt & Q&A starts at 6 pm Central! SILVER!

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20 Comments on “Half dollars hunt & Q&A starts at 6 pm Central! SILVER!”

  1. I’m necessary a new Stacker or collector but I love the watch your channel and videos for all of the different types of great information, from error bills and coins to numismatic pieces.


  3. Stumbled into the channel about two years ago from a video about valuable coins in pocket change- I think it was nickels, then got interested in your coin roll hunts, and the community.

  4. I found your channel about 2 years ago while watching others on ytube…I collected for a short time yrs ago but stopped… big mistake on my part… I watched and listened to how you & B talk to each other and how you talk and treat People…after Praying 1 night for your Friend and other times as it was needed or when asked…. I knew I wanted to Watch and follow your channel….getting back into collecting too …learning from both of you and meeting new People makes it all the better…..Thank You…J&B..and Family.

  5. Why do I watch? Sadly I don’t get the chance very often, but here’s my Top 10:
    1- I love half dollar coins!
    2- I really like the ‘family’ environment on the Channel
    3- J and B are both very knowledgeable; I always learn when I watch
    4- J is a great Conversationalist
    5- Not most important, but the Giveaways are real, and cool
    6- You put a lot effort into the channel and the very informative videos
    7- The coin roll hunts are not choreographed they’re real time
    8- J and B make sure everything is done on Camera — scrupulously honest.
    9- J and B are NOT chintzy about what you get in roll hunts and sales. If you buy an item, or get extras in a roll hunt it is High Quality
    10- B is Hot! I like listening to her asides during the program; and loved the pic she let J show of her on her Big Bike!!

  6. J&B was the first auction channel I started watching about coins. I have learned so much . The coin list they provide on there web site is so informative . A great help to me who is new to this and does not know about coins. Thank you.

  7. I love the bicentennial half dollars thats the only coin i really cared about well the bi Quarter and wheat pennies. But if i had to choose one it would be the Bicentennial half dollar. In the 8monthsbi been buyin off ebay and instagram, theres so much info im readin watchin and im loosing it cause i cant remember what ive learned. Im mixin up years for DPMM and then all the errors. Its freakin hard. I need a cheat sheet?? Is there one out there that has everything in one spot or how do u guys keep track of all the demonstrations and whats DDO only for what coin and all the errors on state quaters is just mind numbing right?? Like i think i know most but still hard keepin track,.
    I wanna win something?? That gets me in the pool or do i have to have the $25 posted before i am eligible??

  8. I watch your channel because years ago when I first asked Google a question about coins, y’all’s channel popped up. I’ve been in love with it every since!

  9. I watch your channel for the fun, knowledge, comradery, and excitement of finding silvah in a box. Finding a Barber or Benji is like finding treasure. You betcha!!

  10. My dad collected coins when I was a kid. I was never really “into it” until I came across one of your short videos one day. It really fascinated me. Then last week I joined in on one of your live streams. And oh my..what FUN that was! Well, now I’m hooked. I look at coins completely differently now. Thanks J & B!

  11. I got into collecting silver about 5 months ago, and now I collect all types of coins. I watch youtube videos and auctions to gain education about coins and coin collecting.

  12. Started coin collecting since I was a kid (small stuff) after I started watching you and we adopted our granddaughter we started buying what you recommended 😊we want her to enjoy Coins as she does at five years old already thank you for all your information on your channel as well as the fan stuff you always have going on

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