How I Roll Coins Fast

How I Roll my coins fast for the Bank!
Here's the link to check out the Coin Sorter I am using in this video – It's Super Cheap (now less than $90) and Easy to Use:

Here's the bulk rolls I buy:

I've been asked how I roll and what my coin sorter/roller looks like so I figured I'd go ahead and show you in this video.

Remember that in order to use most coin sorters/rollers you'll want the "crimped end" or "pre-formed" coin wrappers – not the Flat Wrappers. I buy in bulk so the cost is minimum and this machine makes it really easy to knock out a box of any denomination in 30 minutes or less!

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25 Comments on “How I Roll Coins Fast”

  1. Just a quick video showing the coin sorter I use and how I roll coins. Let me know how you roll your coins? Do you use a sorter/roller or do you hand roll using flat rolls? If you do it by hand, are you faster than a machine? Is there a trick you use?

    1. RobFindsTreasure hey rob. I would recommend you find a bank that has a coin machine that doesn’t charge anything to return coins if you become a member. It only takes 15 min or less to dump and they are usually spot on.

    2. I bank at TDECU, only in Texas, but zero charge for members and only 6% for non-members. Sometimes have trouble getting the to order me boxes of anything though. Seriously thinking about getting a business license so they can’t deny me.

    3. Oooh – solid idea. Can I open an acount there as a referral from someone? If I dump there for 6%, can I get cash back?

  2. Nice and informative. I didn’t know it was that cheap. I don’t do huge volume like you so I still do it by hand but I would do the same thing as you if I was doing several boxes a week. Did you see my last PM I sent you? Thank you

  3. Very cool that you can exchange like that. You seem to have a good set up. Me I still can’t get any bank to order halves.

  4. You have a great system going! I’m lucky, my local credit union has a coin counting machine that is free for members to use. My father is a member and he lets me use his bank card to deposit the money into his account and then withdraw the money! No rolling necessary!

  5. I was always curious about how you rolled yours with the volume of boxes you do. Thanks for the video!

  6. Before I bought a similar machine I just wrapped by hand and hoarded the pennies until I felt they were worth enough to dump in a coin star. (They’re not spendable unless they’re rolled, so my options were either coinstar fee or bank fee for bringing in unrolled coins, or roll by hand which isn’t even relatively worth $3 an hour, basically not worth the time). But the machine makes wrapping them significantly faster that pennies are actually worth my time, which is weird considering they’re not even valuable enough to be worth minting.

  7. I usually open one end of the bake roll carefully, search that roll, and then replace any I take out from it. Then re roll in the original bank roll. It takes more time but when it’s a hobby you enjoy it all

  8. I roll coins up as I go. It’s easier than having to go through a huge pile of money haha!

  9. I get the wrappers for free from my bank… I use a plastic coin tube to measure a full roll quickly and I am able to wrap them by hand for free in the same amount of time as the machine!

  10. I save tons of money from asking the bank when I pick up coins for some rolls, I also, when I get almost a my bucket that I usually will fill it’s not a very big bucket just a simple little bucket that could hold about a full box of pennies and turn in all the coins I have at once 🤷🏻‍♂️👍

    Edit: I roll flats by hand

  11. I have noticed on Dimes that P mint is different thickness than D mint. Same with pennies zinc and copper different thickness, does your machine account for that?

  12. Thx Man my great grandfather died recently and were in charge of cleaning up his house and he has a ton of coins so this will help I’ve seen the machine just not in action you’ve convinced me to get one really thank you

  13. Hey Rob…you still rolling coins or do you have an account that will let you take back bagged coins. Looking into it at my local Wells Fargo, but the deal appears to be: $500 minimum monthly balance. First $3000 in bagged coins is free to process… then $4 per bag after that. Seems easier and cheaper than hand rolling or using a machine like this one. My last bank with a free coin machine is closing, so I am looking at alternatives.

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