How valuable can a 1970 Half Dollar be?

In this video we will talk about one very special Kennedy Half Dollar struck in 1970, why is so special, and give you an update about their most recent sold prices.
Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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19 Comments on “How valuable can a 1970 Half Dollar be?”

  1. Hello from Detroit Michigan brother thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise

    1. Let me know what half dollar your looking for. I have books, not totally complete and Ikes. Haven’t gotten to the other books. I got ripped off when I started n a guy gave me $1885 for all my Morgan & Barbers but he took my 32 & 34 quarters. I called asap in the a.m. and he said he sold them. After a month I looked as I was sick. He said don’t trust coin shops. I will come over, pay in cash and you don’t have to worry about taxes. 1 of my coins was what he paid me. ugh.

  2. Thanks again I just opened my safe and I found all my mint sets from the 70 and have two sets of the 1970 Kennedy half dollar two . No marks at all on them that’s with a 1,000 times magnifying.
    I found something else that I forgot about I have a dime copper on the rim ,can’t see the date because it covered bye the sides of the coin . It’s has 3 plantains . Let me now what to do with this all cut you in on it. Thanks

  3. I do have quite alot of 1970 mint sets. And you are correct. They weren’t struck very well. But I keep searching for the MS67… or better!

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