How valuable can a 1983 penny be? 1983 penny worth money!

We talk about the 1983 penny worth money and how valuable can a 1983 penny be? We cover all types of the 1983 pennies, from all 3 mints; their current values and valuable errors and varieties you can find in your change. Some are super valuable. If you like pennies this video is for you!

Thank You for watching and as always remember to check your change. You might have more money in your pocket than you think!

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20 Comments on “How valuable can a 1983 penny be? 1983 penny worth money!”

  1. Extremely helpful!! I’ve recently bought collector books for my pennies and have generally separated them..looking forward to checking and weighing them and seeing what I find!!

  2. I do check them all. I found a 82 small date not long ago 3.1g and I believe I have the 3.1 83 transition I gotta look

  3. I check all of my change. I weigh them, then visually inspect them no matter if there is a known error or not.

  4. I started a 5 gallon glass water bottle in 1976 putting all my pennies in there until it was filled around 2001. Still have it , will have to break the bottle to get the 1983 pennies out it. Lots of new type pennies from 1976 to 2001 in there! 💲💲💲💲

  5. Happy New Year to you & the wife GREAT STUFF AS ALWAYS, QUESTION I HAD SEVERAL ROLLS OF OBW 1983-P&D PENNIES MY wife and I found many
    DDO/DDR IN VERY HIGH GRADES IN RED, 1 stuck out that didn’t have that orange pill look to it, {from the new allow} so we weighed it on the spot and it was at
    2.98 Gms. I know there is a Tolerance to the weight but looks nothing like the others in the Zink, with that orange pill appearance, I want to send it out but do to a income budget, I hoped you might be able to give me a little insight on your thoughts due to it being a1983-D which has very few found in Denver mint, I found 99% other zink pennies between 2.4 to 2.6 GRMS. Copper 2.95-3.3grms. Pls. Help if you can sinc. John B.

  6. I have been weighing my 1983 cents for years now,looking for the wrong planchette error. I haven’t been looking for DDO and DDR as long. Fortunately I have quite a few separated,but not checked, that I have to go thru. Thank You for the information 👍.

  7. Are there any 1983 Bronze Pennie’s? 1982 is a transitional year from Bronze to Zinc! Oops, you answer the question later in the video!

  8. Please be it known that I have two 1983 One Cent Coin with me now and I would like to sell it in a good price.

  9. Unbelievable how much money these pennies can bring! As I search my rolls, I save anything that looks like a higher mint grade. And yes, I save all of the 1983s and I will look at them when time allows. It is amazing to me how many higher grade pennies one can find in rolls; and even older ones. Thanks for the video!

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